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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pretty Polish


Rimmel Nail Polish - 402 Urban Purple £4.59

I have been a massive fan of Rimmel nail polish for a long time.  One of my favourites is the Pro range.  It has a maxi brush for easy application and although it says it lasts for up to 10 days I would say its more like 3 with my lifesyle.  Although I think 3 is pretty damn good compared so some that only last for 1.
This is not usually a colour I would choose for my nails.  Usually I would prefer pastel shades but this is ideal for winter  (I know sun is still shining and I'm thinking about the cold months already)
After being so impressed with the nail polishes I have decided to try more Rimmel products to see if they match or even beat the quality of higher end products.
Do you have any recommendations for other nail polish brands?
G xox

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