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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moisturing Mission

Boots Moisturing Cream - £1.52
Garnier Essentials Day Cream - £4.95
Nivea Q10 Day Cream - £6.66
I went on a little bit of a mission lately to find a moisturiser which was great value for money and for under £10. 

What I found was that it is actually pretty easy to get a moisturiser for under £10. 

My least favourite is the Boots Moisturing Day Cream.  The only good thing I can say about this is that it was good value for money (100ml for £1.52).  When I bought it I thought it would be really fresh with the cucumber frangrance but when I tried it I hated it.  It was such a thick cream and my makeup didn't sit nicely ontop of it.  And then theres the packaging but you canee that for yourself.

My second favourite is the Nivea Essentials Day Cream.  This was nice and fresh but it just didn't feel like good quality.  I will continue to use this but i'm not so sure I will be repurchasing this again.  The packaging was also a little cheap and very plastic.

My all new favourite and still within my budget is Nivea Q10 Day Cream.  There is so much to love about this.  The packaging is glass with a plastic lid which is nice.  The cream is lovely and light and makes a great base for my foundation.  This is the only cream that had SPF in it which is always important in skin products.  I will be repurchasing and also testing the night cream.

I have shown myself that a decent moisturiser doesn't have to cost alot and I will be swapping my Estee Lauder with the Nivea Q10.  It is a winner.

What is your favourite moisturiser?


G xox

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